Visible Emissions Service

Update! - Virtual Technology LLC is excited to announce DOCS II Software as a Service (SaaS)

The Visible Emissions Service (VES) Business Unit, is focused on helping customers achieve compliance with the myriad of environmental regulations in a cost effective and economically justifiable manor. The three key factors associated with all projects underway are:

1. Efficient and effective methods to measure, monitor ,and document emission sources.
2. Fully Transparent compliance assurance information.
3. Cost reduction and increased mission throughput within compliance tolerance.
The VTLLC VES team targets compliance monitoring practices and data sets where technology infusion can achieve the three foundational tenants of VES projects.

The VTLLC VES team is made up of multiple subject matter experts deployed based on the specific project needs. Skill Sets include information technologists and Six Sigma trained business process management experts. The teams are chartered and staffed on a project basis with direct customer interaction, insuring delivery of an efficient and effective project team.

VTLLC prides itself in the ability to provide customers with decision support materials allowing the customer to make informed and well documented compliance decisions.

Often VTLLC VES projects yield ideas and concepts of specific technology that, if created, would bring significant benefit to both the regulated and the regulator markets. When this situation arises the VTLLC technology partners engage to design, develop, test and implement the specific compliance solution. Two of these technology based compliance solutions are the Digital Opacity Compliance System second generation (DOCS II) and the Hand Held Real Time Climatic Sensor (HHRTCS). DOCS II automates a significant portion of the workload associated with obtaining compliant opacity observations. As well, DOCS II preserves the opacity observation record and all of its associated data attributes into a single digital record that is significantly more retrievable, reproducible and defendable than classic paper and pencil based "Method 9" opacity observation. DOCS II Information

The Hand Held Real Time Climatic Sensor project is a research and development effort targeted at miniaturizing the DOCS II solution such that all measurements can be achieved in a single hand held unit eliminating the need to manage multiple instruments in the field. The HHRTCS is being designed as an upgrade device to existing DOCS II users. The device will automate and standardize data collection procedures resulting in an error free collection event with each opacity measurement. HHRTCS Information