• Carbon County

    "DOCSII was utilized by Carbon County, UT in support of The 9 Mile Canyon Project. Specifically, ancient petroglyphs existed along an aggregate roadway which served a large volume of heavy equipment throughout the project. DOCSII was successfully deployed in support of a 20% or lower dust opacity rule enforced as a measure to protect the petroglyphs from road dust settling upon them. DOCSII performed well allowing for dust abatement at appropriate times which saved program dollars and enforcement actions. The use of DOCSII was a benefit to the project allowing dust plumes to be evaluated and regulated in a consistent and accurate fashion across all project stakeholders. ".

  • IFDC

    "Let me reiterate that we were very pleased with the services rendered at IFDC during our process development work last year and the course given by Jody in Calgary in April. We will surely consider contracting Virtual Technology LLC in the future if we require VE expertise and/or VE measurement tools for process development/implementation work. We would then be very interested in hearing more about DOCS III and how it could help us fine tuning the understanding and control of our system."

  • Mapei Americas

    "MAPEI is the world leader in manufacturing of adhesives and complementary
    products for the installation of all types of floor and wall coverings. MAPEI
    specializes in manufacturing of chemical products for building, including
    waterproofing products, special mortars, and admixtures for concrete,
    products for restoration of ancient buildings, and special decorative and
    protective wall coatings. MAPEI is a leader of Sustainable business practice in its industry. To address visible emission compliance consistent with MAPEIs ISO 14001 initiative, MAPEI evaluated and deployed the DOCS II system throughout its US based operations. MAPEI found DOCS II and the use of US EPA Alternative Method 082 to be, not only the most accurate and repeatable compliance method, but also the most cost effective. The use of DOCS II eliminated the need to re-certify plant operators as US EPA Method 9 Visible Emission Observers every six months, while increasing corporate insight into compliance activities at our various US based production facilities. Effectively, the use of DOCS II has allowed unparalleled corporate visibility into our facilities compliance driven activities, reduced the overall cost of compliance, increased our awareness, and has helped make MAPEI more sustainable today than ever before. I highly recommend the use of DOCS II and US EPA Alternative Method 082 for visible emission compliance record keeping requirements. ---- Ernie Perez, Corporate EH&S Manager, MAPEI Americas".

  • GATX

    "Visible Emission monitoring is required for our sources and the cost and business disruption of
    Method 9 monitoring just seem exorbitant. Ongoing continuous process improvement, brought the
    Method 9 monitoring into review and GATX deployed the DOCS II SaaS product and the use of
    US EPA ALT 082 in lieu of Method 9 to achieve: Better documented VEEs, Easier operations and no down day, or travel to recertify every 6 months. GATX has found the DOCS II SaaS to be: Reliable, Maintainable, Easy and most of all Economical to use for our compliance with visible emissions monitoring".