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ALternate 082 EPA Approval Letter - Air Force.

ALternate 082 EPA Guidance - Credible Evidence - Stacks Larger than 7ft.

Ferro Alloy NESHAP - Stacks Larger than 7ft.

Alternate 082 Federal Register Notice.

The following are references from Alternate 082 EPA Approval Letter.

ASTM D7520-09 section 8.1
8.1 The DCOT operator must be knowledgeable about observing plumes to determine their opacity in accordance with "Principles of Visual Emissions Measurements and Procedures to Evaluate those Emissions Using Digital Camera Optical Technique (DCOT)" (Annex A1). The DCOT operator shall use the following procedures for determining the opacity of emissions in the ambient environment. All equipment shall be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Read more at www.ASTM.org

ASTM D7520 Section 9.2
9.2 DCOT Certification Procedure—The specific DCOT shall be certified to determine the opacity of plumes once it passes six individual complete runs of 50 plumes within a six month period as described in 9.1. The DCOT operator must include in the certification documentation the results of all smoke school tests. Those results shall include whether the DCOT passed or failed the tests and for the time periods between and during the six successful smoke school tests. Each individual run consists of collecting images of a complete run of 50 plumes: 25 black plumes and 25 white plumes-generated by a calibrated smoke generator. Plumes within each set of 25 black and 25 white runs shall be presented in random order and distributed over the entire range of opacities (that is, 0 to 100 % opacity values for black and white plumes). The DCOT operator shall use the Digital Still Camera’s default auto-focus settings, default auto-exposure settings and may use optical zoom when recording the digital images of the plumes. The DCOT operator shall not use digital image control such as the flash, optical filters, digital zoom, and image stabilization of the Digital Still Camera when recording the digital images of the plumes. The Analysis Software shall verify that such conditions were used when obtaining the digital images. The Analysis Software shall define the areas to determine plume opacity and the acceptable size of areas used to determine plume opacity. The entire digital image shall remain in its native state. The DCOT must capture the image of the measured plume and assign an opacity value to each along with the required environment information listed in Section 8 of this standard. At the completion of each run of 50 readings, the score of the DCOT is determined. If a DCOT fails to qualify, the complete run of 50 readings must be repeated in any retest. The smoke test shall be administered as part of a smoke school or training program and shall be preceded by training or familiarization runs of the smoke generator during which candidates are shown black and white plumes of known opacity. Read more at www.ASTM.org

40 CFR 63.10 (b) (1)
(b) General recordkeeping requirements. (1) The owner or operator of an affected source subject to the provisions of this part shall maintain files of all information (including all reports and notifications) required by this part recorded in a form suitable and readily available for expeditious inspection and review. The files shall be retained for at least 5 years following the date of each occurrence, measurement, maintenance, corrective action, report, or record. At a minimum, the most recent 2 years of data shall be retained on site. The remaining 3 years of data may be retained off site. Such files may be maintained on microfilm, on a computer, on computer floppy disks, on magnetic tape disks, or on microfiche. Read more: https://www.govinfo.gov/app/details/CFR-2012-title40-vol10/CFR-2012-title40-vol10-sec63-10